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Handyman Massillon Ohio, For Your Home Repairs

Handyman Massillon provides experienced technicians to help you with your home repair needs. We can also help you with jobs that may not be an emergency like kitchen and bathroom remodeling. There are a wide variety of services we provide. See our list of services below and give us a call at 877-760-1614. We can take care of projects inside and outside of your home from home remodeling to completing small projects around your home.

Massillon Handyman, your go-to repairman you can count on 24/7

Handyman Massillon provides a full range of handyman jobs repairing things that are broken, removing and installing broken or outdated fixtures. We handle all light plumbing projects, clogged toilets repair or replacing your water heater,  garbage disposal or fixing your broken leaking pipes.

We do any home remodeling you may need from basement and garage to bedrooms and kitchen/bathroom remodeling. We can turn a room you use into a room your family will love to be in.

If you have small electrical problems like broken  receptacle, or ceiling fan not working properly, we can handle it. If you have storm damage on your roof or leaks coming from your roof, we can take care of that as well.

Don’t forget  Interior and exterior painting. Some people paint themselves to save money, and if they are trained painters, that works out great. But how do you know if you are really a good painter? When your company raves about how you saved money but say nothing about an amazing paint job, you know that you should have gotten a professional. Professional painting is something we can easily handle for you.

We will treat your home as well as we treat our own. We want to leave an excellent job behind that we can be proud of for years to come. No job or task is to small or big, With years of experience we’ve seen it all and fixed it all, there’s nothing new under the sun.


Renovation or Remodel?


Many people use the term remodeling and renovating interchangeably. But there is a difference in how the room ends up looking and a big difference in the cost. Renovating is less expensive than remodeling. It’s like the difference between cosmetic surgery and Organ surgery. One changes the look and the other is extensive and replaces or ads structural components.

Renovating only involves giving your room a new look or restoring an old look. It may involve painting, installing new fixtures (light fixtures, sinks, tubs, toilets) or adding different finishes to countertops or cabinets.  

Remodeling is much more involved.  It involves re-designing the layout or structure of the room. For example adding accent walls, a window, sink, or changing one room into two rooms or vice versa, or entirely replacing all the electrical or Plumbing.

So if you’re ready for a renovation on your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or garage, we are ready for your call.

Call us at 877-760-1614

Is there a renovation or remodeling project on your horizon?

We can get the job done using the brands you like and trust. You will love and enjoy your newly remodeled room for years to come. Maybe you were waiting for that perfect time to do it yourself but the time keeps passing by. Or maybe the more you got involved in the remodel planning, you began to see some parts of this project more difficult than you first imagined. Don’t be afraid of asking us for help, 

Call us now at 877-760-1614

Are Home Repairs Piling Up On You?


Handyman Massillon Ohio is your “One stop shop” for home repairs from a running toilet to a full kitchen or bathroom remodel. Our local Handyman Technicians handle just about everything, Whether it’s big or small we can repair or replace fixtures, small plumbing issues, small projects, clogged toilets or drains, water heaters, garbage disposals, damaged drywall and much more. From the basement to your damaged deck or porch, we can get the job done in a decent time and at a reasonable price. Handyman Massillon technicians are conscientious and will treat your home like they treat their own. They are experienced professionals that will handle all your home repairs.

We can handle any home emergency plumbing problem


Plumbing emergencies are not planned. Whether you are having a party with friends or family or are asleep in bed, any plumbing emergency can be a real nightmare. We can handle your emergency plumbing issues. We’re available 24/7 to assist you in your hour of need. Keep our number close in hand.


7 Things you should do in an plumbing emergency situation

1.Try not to panic

don't-panicWhen Panic sets in it cripples your ability to make decisions. It can also stress you so much that you can hardly see objects or read lettering on anything.  Just remember, your house is not going down into a sinkhole with everyone in it.  It’s just water coming into your house.  If you can’t stop panicking, then call a handyman or plumber immediately. Then someone with years of experience can come and make the decisions and take care of things for you.

2.Locate the water shutoff valve

Main-water-cut-off-valveYou’d be surprised at how many people don’t know what their water main shut-off valve looks like, or where it’s located, or even know what to do with it once they find it. It would be wise to find the main shut-off valve long before you have a need to use it. Your water-supply comes through the foundation of the house in to the basement or under the crawl space of a house or trailer.  When you find where the water supply pipe is coming in, on the inside of the wall you will find the pipe with the shut-off valve.  Some shut off valves have a long handle and some shut-off valves have a round handle like you typically find on your outside faucet.  

Main-water-cut-off-valveA round handle is turned clockwise to close and counterclockwise to open. When the long handle is parallel with the direction of the pipe, it is open.  To  Close the valve you must turn the handle to be perpendicular with the pipe.(typically clockwise) You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs on your home if you close the main water shut-off valve in time.

3.Turn off your water heater

If you have a gas water heater, there should be a similar, smaller cut-off valve near your hot water tank, it needs to be closed just like the main shut-off valve. If you have an electric water heater, you also need to turn off the electrical supply at the breaker. Otherwise your hot water heater could possibly overheat.

4.Turn on all faucets

Open-water-faucetThe next thing you need to do is turn on or open all of your faucets. There will be gallons and gallons of water trapped in those pipes which can come down when you least expect it or when you don’t want it to. Evacuating that water can alleviate problems for whoever is fixing your leak.

5.Turn off the electrical appliances

If the water on the floor, you need to turn off all electrical appliances that are nearby. (water can conduct electricity and this can be hazardous)

6.Assess the problem and Call a Handyman or a plumber

Once you stop all the water leaks then assess the situation. Find the source of the leak whether it’s a pipe or fitting or a fixture so you have all the facts to give to the handyman or plumber on the phone if you need to call them.

7.Clean the water up quickly to avoid water damage

water-cleanupTry to clean up the water as quickly as possible using a wet-vac or towels. You can even use a dustpan to shovel up the water and dump it in a bucket. If the water is lying on the floor as opposed to concrete in the basement, you need to get all of it dried to prevent damage to your floors and walls.


Small Projects


Handyman Massillon

We provide handyman maintenance, and home remodeling services to our community. all our technicians are from the local area.


We do a variety of remodels and projects

Why You Should Choose Handyman Massillon Ohio

There are many reasons You should use us to take care of all your handyman needs. The main two are that we are Experienced and  Professional


We have decades of experience in every kind of handyman repair and handyman project you can think of. We've done everything from electrical outlet repair to full blown kitchen remodeling project.


Our handyman service technicians are all professionals take pride in doing an excellent job no matter how small or mundane. They look at the end game gaining a trusted and satisfied customer.


Our Mission

We provide high quality services and home maintenance, from small electrical repairs to plumbing repairs. We finish home remodeling projects equal to or above your expectations. Our goal is to never hear our customer say “I could have done that myself”. Hopefully, if you can do some of these projects yourself, we can save you plenty of time to do other more important things. So if your project is repairing kitchen cabinets or painting your home’s exterior, we do the work ourselves with professionalism and pride. Most repeat business is from repeat customers, so we aim to please.

• Cabinet refacing
• Carpentry
• Ceiling repair
• Ceramic tile repair
• Countertops
• Crown moulding
• Curtain hanging
• Decks
• Door installation
• Door repair
• Drywall installation
• Drywall repair
• Electrical repairs
• Fan installation
• Fence fixing
• Flooring installation and repair
• Garage door openers
• Garage doors

• General maintenance
• Gutter cleaning
• Gutter Repair
• Insulation installation (batts)
• Insulation installation (blown-in)
• Lamp repairs
• Lock set adjustment
• Molding installation
• Paint removal
• Painting
• Patio stone installation
• Plumbing repairs
• Porch repairs
• Remodeling basements
• Remodeling bathrooms
• Remodeling kitchens
• Roofing

• Sealing driveways
• Shelf installation
• Shelving
• Sprinkler repairs
• Staining furniture
• Storage area construction
• Storage area repair
• Swapping a toilet
• Tiling
• Tile and grout cleaning
• Re-grouting
• Wall building
• Water purification
• Water softening
• Window installation
• Window repair
• Window screens

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