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Do You have home repairs waiting to get done?

Mansfield Handyman, your multiservice shop for all your handyman needs.
We can do all of your home repair and maintenance projects, from leaky toilets and plumbing repairs to installing a new water heater that is more energy efficient than your old one. We give our customers’ homes the same quality workmanship we would give to our own home.
You may just need an easy electrical job done that’s been annoying you for a long time like installing a light fixture or a more involved job like replacing your garbage disposal or ceiling fan. No job is too small or too big. We can take care of drywall patching or even a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel. Our skilled technicians will take care of all your home improvement projects.


Is there a remodeling project you've been dreaming about?


Some people consider a home as just a roof over their head. Others have a purpose and a vision for each home space. Handyman Mansfield Ohio  can  transform your home spaces and help your dreams come true. Have you been waiting for a remodeling project to happen? Our Professionals are dependable, experienced, safe, and ready to help you with all your kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects. We also do projects that beautify your interior spaces and exterior property.

What Are the worst and most common home Repairs?

Here is a list of common home repair needs.  Some can cause significant damage lowering the value of your home.  Others are just projects that need to be done before they get worse.  When your budget shrinks and time passes, you stand a good chance of losing value in your home.  Home damage of any kind is not good. However there are some things that you should never  let time pass over before fixing them.

1. Roof Damage
2. Broken Water Heater
3. Damaged siding
4. Old-pealing paint
5. Damaged Deck
6. Broken-leaky pipes
7. Leaking faucets
8. Leaking-overflowing toilet

9. Broken electrical fixtures (lights or ceiling fans)
10. Damaged flooring
11. Clogged toilet or drains
12. Broken garbage disposal
13. Drywall patching
14. Gutters not draining
15. Damaged tile
16. Broken door-windows

Is your home starting to own you?


If you have owned a home for any length of time, you know that sometimes, your home owns you. It can demand a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Over time things start going bad and need attention sooner than later. Leaking toilets, ceiling fans that don’t fan anymore, broken stairs that can be dangerous for some people with less agility than you, or gutters that don’t drain and freeze in the winter, need to be fixed and maintained. Your house is like your car, if you don’t maintain it, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.


Friends and co-workers can talk you into a real mess sometimes. They may say things like “If you can change your oil, you can change your transmission.” Then others tell you how easy it is if you just watch a YouTube. Remember, if things go south, you are the one left holding the bag! These arm chair quarterbacks will be too “busy” to come and help you fix the mess they helped create. If you have more time than money, then go for it. But if your time is important to you, and you don’t want to spend 8 hours trying to learn how to replace a broken window or roofing your garage, then give us a call and we will come and take care of these home repairs for you in a shorter time and really finish it. Then your time will really be “Your time!”


We have years of experience in home repairs and our learning curve has taken place years ago. We can help you with kitchen and bathroom remodeling, interior and exterior painting, plumbing, roofing, repairing fixtures, and finishing all kinds of small projects. So call us today at 877-760-1614 and get your repairs and projects scheduled so we can take care of them for you. See our services and see how we can help.


Handyman Mansfield

We provide handyman maintenance, and home remodeling services to our community. all our technicians are from the local area.


We do a variety of remodels and projects

Why You Should Choose Handyman Mansfield Ohio

There are many reasons You should use us to take care of all your handyman needs. The main two are that we are Experienced and  Professional


We have decades of experience in every kind of handyman repair and handyman project you can think of. We've done everything from electrical outlet repair to full blown kitchen remodeling project.


Our handyman service technicians are all professionals take pride in doing an excellent job no matter how small or mundane. They look at the end game gaining a trusted and satisfied customer.


Our Mission

We provide high quality services and home maintenance, from small electrical repairs to plumbing repairs. We finish home remodeling projects equal to or above your expectations. Our goal is to never hear our customer say “I could have done that myself”. Hopefully, if you can do some of these projects yourself, we can save you plenty of time to do other more important things. So if your project is repairing kitchen cabinets or painting your home’s exterior, we do the work ourselves with professionalism and pride. Most repeat business is from repeat customers, so we aim to please.

Here's a quick list of some of the many things we can help you with

• Cabinet refacing
• Carpentry
• Ceiling repair
• Ceramic tile repair
• Countertops
• Crown moulding
• Curtain hanging
• Decks
• Door installation
• Door repair
• Drywall installation
• Drywall repair
• Electrical repairs
• Fan installation
• Fence fixing
• Flooring installation and repair
• Garage door openers
• Garage doors

• General maintenance
• Gutter cleaning
• Gutter Repair
• Insulation installation (batts)
• Insulation installation (blown-in)
• Lamp repairs
• Lock set adjustment
• Molding installation
• Paint removal
• Painting
• Patio stone installation
• Plumbing repairs
• Porch repairs
• Remodeling basements
• Remodeling bathrooms
• Remodeling kitchens
• Roofing

• Sealing driveways
• Shelf installation
• Shelving
• Sprinkler repairs
• Staining furniture
• Storage area construction
• Storage area repair
• Swapping a toilet
• Tiling
• Tile and grout cleaning
• Re-grouting
• Wall building
• Water purification
• Water softening
• Window installation
• Window repair
• Window screens


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